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How does Lime24 differentiate itself from other companies providing similar services?
We are faster. The whole business process is fully automated. Thanks to this new service, you can get money sent to your account within 5 minutes from the time of registration; a registered user can even have money sent in 1 minute.
Our process is easier. We do not like long, multi-page questionnaires. In order to obtain loans, you only enter basic information.
We are cheaper. Our loyal customers can use their loan money for 5 days free of charge and an unlimited number of times. And there is 0% commission if you repay the loan early.
What do i need to get a loan?
You must:
  • Have an Identity Document of the Republic of South Africa
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a South African bank account and access to the internet.
How quickly i can get the money?
If you are a new customer, you need about 5 minutes. That’s 3 minutes to register on the site, 1 minute for us to assign your tariff, and 1 minute to sign a contract and for us to send the money.
If you already have an account, you will get the money sent to you in less than 1 minute.
What is the fare and what tariffs are available to me?
Tariff determines the maximum amount, timing and the current interest rate of the loan.
How to reduce interest rates on loans and increase the available limit?
Your assigned interest rate and maximum amount of the loan depends on the tariff: the better the tariff, the better the terms of your loan. To improve your tariff rate, simply use our services.
In your profile you can find a bar indicating how soon you can move to the next, better tariff. To accelerate this process, you can:
Tip to improve your tariff
Try to complete the questionnaire as accurately as possible when applying for your first loan
Use our services regularly
Have a good credit history
Add positive feedback about Lime24 services on our social network channels (Facebook or Twitter) and send a screenshot to (Instructions on how to take a screenshot). Please include your registered phone number in the subject line of your email
Recommend us to your friends. This can be done by going to our Facebook or Twitter
Try to avoid late payment. Please contact us if for some reason you cannot pay on time
What is DebiCheck?
In support of the industry wide initiative by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), FNB has implemented DebiCheck to put you in control of your debit orders.
Due to an increasing number of unauthorised debit orders being submitted into the payment system, DebiCheck will require you to electronically confirm the DebiCheck debit order details before a creditor or service provider can debit your account.
You will be able to review the DebiCheck debit order details on your preferred channel, ensuring increased security and putting in control of your debit orders.
For more information please visit
What is DebiCheck for?
The aim is preventing fraud. DebiCheck helps avoid two cases:
  1. Increase of debit orders being processed to bank accounts without permission (a mandate) from consumers.
  2. Consumers who dispute debit orders that do have valid mandates, has also increased, which has become a huge concern for banks and companies.
For more information please visit
How DebiCheck works?
  1. You choose loan amount and period.
  2. You confirm your debit order. It means that you confirm the details of your debit order on an electronic device such as your cell phone, your bank app, your personal computer or perhaps an ATM. Your bank will let you know which options are available for you to use.
  3. Lime will receive notification about confirming as soon as you familiarize and confirming order details.
Payment confirmation is once only for each loan.
For more information please visit
Is DebiCheck safe to use?
The DebiCheck was introduced by PASA and according to the prescribed industry standards. The system is therefore secure. Your bank will communicate how you can securely and electronically confirm your debit orders.
For more information please visit
Can I apply for a loan over the phone?
This option is not currently available, but we are working on this possibility.
Why was not I assigned any tariff?
There was most likely an error in our system, and our experts have been immediately notified. Please try again in a few minutes or contact our Customer Service Department.
Why am I asked to provide documents?
To allocate you the correct tariff, we check information from multiple sources. Sometimes, however, this information is not sufficient and we ask you to send copies of certain documents.
Why was my loan denied?
The most common reason for refusal is entering incorrect information in the questionnaire. It is difficult to determine the cause of the refusal for a single case because our system bases loan approvals on many different factors.
Why do I have to complete the program “Improvement of credit history”?
It’s most likely that there is a negative entry on your credit history, but after completing the program "Improvement of credit history", your credit rating will improve and you will get full access to our services.
How do I take a screenshot?
  1. Find the button "Prt Sc" on the keyboard (usually located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, next to the F12 or Insert).
  2. Press the "Prt Sc."
  3. Go to paint (it’s among the standard software on Windows -> All Programs -> Paint).
  4. Simultaneously press CTRL + V.
  5. Save the resulting image on the computer.
How do I repay my loan?
To repay your loan, go to your profile, sign in using the phone number and password provided during registration, and click "Repay".
Can I repay the loan before the repayment date?
Yes, you can repay the loan at any time without any penalties or restrictions.
How can I be sure I can trust Lime24?
Lime24 service is owned by Lime Loans South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a private company registered in the Republic of South Africa with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (registration number 2015/239349/07) and the National Credit Regulator (registration number CP8077). We operate in strict accordance with the regulations under the National Credit Act. The holding company of Lime Loans South Africa (Pty) Ltd is Lime Capital Partners Inc. (registered under the number 1862471 as a BVI Business Company).
  • Here you can find BEE certificate
  • Here you can find Share certificate
  • Here you can find Tax clearance certificate
  • Here you can find NCR certificate
Is it safe to tell you my bank account number?
It is absolutely safe to tell us your bank account number. Entering your bank account information is done using encrypted pages, protected by modern security tools.
Our service is audited regularly by consultants from Trustwave Holdings, Inc. to make sure we comply with the requirements of the international payment systems of Visa and Mastercard.