Tariff groups

  • 5 day loans free of charge
  • from 6 to 40 day loans without a service fee
  • loan amount between R300 and R5000, with the possibility to increase your borrowing limit (individual conditions)
  • loan amount between R300 and R3000
  • lower interest rate from your second loan onwards
  • loan amount between R300 and R1200
  • loan amount between R300 and R2100
  • service fee is charged only on the 32nd day

If you want to accelerate the pace of obtaining your next tariff, please use the following guidelines:

Try to complete the questionnaire as accurately as possible when applying for your first loan+10%
Use our services regularly+50%
Have a good credit history+10%
Add positive feedback about Lime24 services on our social network channels (Facebook or Twitter) and send a screenshot to marketing@lime24.co.za. . (Instructions on how to take a screenshot. Please include your registered phone number in the subject line of your email +15%
Recommend us to your friends. This can be done by going to our Facebook or Twitter here +25%
Try to avoid late payment. Please contact us if for some reason you cannot pay on time +5%